What You Can Do?

You can easily test the site on the main page by Copy/Pasting or typing some sentences into the text area and then pressing 'Get Score!'. Below the text area you will see the score that the customized Sentiment Analyzer has calculated for the entered text.

The Sentiment Analyzer is the heart of the Sentigrade system, and you will instead want to use the API to take advantage of scoring multiple text statements. Here is an example using Postman to demonstrate the API capabilities:

Sentiment Analyzer JSON query
Postman example: querying four statements in a single request.

From the example, one of the statements was empty and was not scored. The total number of statements graded is shown as processed.

How can you use the Sentigrade API?

You can signup for a Free account and make 5,000 API calls per month, or sign up a paid plan for $29 for unlimited API calls.

During initial service testing, our test customer graded 3,800 Customer Satisfaction comments in a matter of minutes!

See below for use cases for Sentigrade.io, or Sign Up for your FREE account to get started today!

Sentigrade Use Cases

  • Social media monitoring
  • Brand monitoring
  • Voice of Customer (VoC)
  • Customer service
  • Workforce analytics and voice of employee
  • Product analytics
  • Market research and analysis

If you need help with applying Sentigrade to your use case, let us know and we will gladly help!

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