API Documentation:

Getting Started

After you signup for an account and login, you will see your API key on your dashboard:

Screenshot of the API Key area on the Customer Dashboard

Postman Example | Raw JSON Example

Declare the JSON Request Headers

Use your email address and API key to create the Authorization key in the header:

Screenshot of the header keys for the JSON request
Postman Example: JSON Request Headers

Build the JSON Request Body

Place your statements you want graded in the body of the API POST:

Screenshot of the JSON body containing the API request
Postman Example: JSON Request Body

Receive the JSON Response

Receive the statements and grade back from Sentigrade:

Screenshot of the JSON response with the statement grades
Postman Example: JSON Response


  • Requests must be made in application/json format
  • The request contains an array regardless the number of statements
  • Each statement you would like graded is declared with singular "statement"
  • Requests are limited to 100 statements

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